I have always preferred being behind the camera rather than in front of it, but my enthusiasm goes beyond my reluctance to be in the spotlight. Something very special happens when you begin to look at life through a lens. With a camera in hand, life somehow slows down, magically, and affords the opportunity to see in the ordinary what so easily gets missed.

My love of colour, pattern and design inform much of what I photograph, and over the years I have been increasingly drawn to a 'close-up' view on the world. My preference is for all things that stay still! I am pretty much self-taught, combining hands on trial-and-error with reading books and magazines, and learning to look at any images with a good deal of curiosity.

I currently use a Canon EOS 40D, with a variety of lenses (17-40mm, 24-70mm, 50mm, 70-200 and a 100mm macro). My first SLR camera was a Canon EOS 1000FN. But it was my much-loved Canon S90 compact, whose portability really kick-started a habit of taking daily photographs last year. Much that I would like to be lured by the constant call to 'upgrade' equipment, there's nothing quite like taking photos to improve skill and inspiration levels. The discipline of a 'photo-a-day' project did a good deal more for my creativity than any new purchase.

My professional work is as a song-writer and publisher. Melody-chasing and image-capturing - both creative and hugely enjoyable ways of spending time. But for now, one is work, and the other recreation.